Friday, January 8, 2010


This article explains my Popcorn / Mass Bunk Theory

What happens in a mass bunk?

  1. Mass bunk in initiated
  2. One or two would leave the class
  3. Followed by after a few minutes another 3 or 4 will do the same
  4. Then almost at a constant rate( first increasing and then Decreasing), leaving a few the complete class will be empty within no time
And then a few (may be just 1,2) will stay back and attend the lecture :(

Lets cook some popcorn now!

  1. Heat the corns in a utensil
  2. A one or two will pop in a few minutes
  3. A few seconds later another 3-4 will pop
  4. And then almost at a constant rate ( first increasing then decreasing) corns will start popping. POP POP POPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPOOOOOOPPPPPP....
  5. Minutes later it will all be quiet and left, would be a few non popped corns!

I guess this is how a Gaussian Distribution turns out to be!


  1. great theory bhiya......quite apt to our engg. life...:):)

  2. There is a slight difference between pop corn and mass bunk though (as far as I have observed). For mass bunk, the Gaussian curve is shifted to the left. Everytime mass bunk happened in my college time, everyone got up almost at the same time. IT was generally one guy asking others to get up and others would instantly obey! And as a result we would walk out together. :D

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  4. Great work.. Would like to add 6 case -
    Disaster - Sometimes some popcorn gets burnt n sticks to bottom of pan, same as sometimes some people are caught mass bunking by teacher n then they have to attend d class.